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gig | Arab Orient Insurance’s new logo – gig – Jordan



gig | Arab Orient Insurance has announced a change of its corporate name to become gig – Jordan.

This step came in line with the strategy of the mother company “Gulf Insurance Group” of unifying all the Group’s members under one common name while each member is to be recognized by the name of the country incorporated with the brand’s logo. The change aimed at giving the brand a unified brand image; it also ensured comprehensiveness for their insurance programs and a wider coverage in all the region’s countries.

The new change comprised the names of all Group’s members while it will continue to operate within the same quality standards of the insurance solutions offered in each country, and  on the regional level following the plan of the upcoming years.

It is worth noting that Gulf Insurance Group emphasizes on developing management and technical models as one of its major objectives to meet the evolving needs of clients, partners and shareholders.